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SCISYS Deutschland GmbH provides professional engineering and consultancy services supporting space programmes and missions. We have a strong presence at ESOC and EUMETSAT, as well as serving all ESA sites and spacecraft primes. Our team is composed of university graduates and experienced professionals, comprising some of the most knowledgeable, dedicated and talented engineers across Europe. Our services cover the whole life cycle of space programmes from early concepts to operations.

Our Space Division provides a dynamic, supportive and friendly atmosphere in which you are encouraged to lead with initiative. We support new ideas from our colleagues and are focused on innovation. Moreover, we actively manage your professional development, training and career progression.

Your Tasks

The System Engineering and Projects Division (SEP) within the Technical & Scientific Support Department (TSS) is in charge of the maintenance and engineering of the ground based satellite infrastructure of the operational systems and to provide engineering expertise for the preparation of new missions. Within the SEP Division, the Data Processing Systems and Applications Competence Area (DPSA CA) is responsible for the engineering and maintenance of online and offline operational Data Processing Systems.

This position is for the provision of service to assist in the engineering activities of the data processing systems and application software for the operational and future programmes within the DPSA CA, including Processing Frameworks. It should be noted that the scientific-algorithm software part of the Data Processing Applications is outside the scope of the DPSA CA responsibility.

The areas of work in the scope of the DPSA CA activities are the following:

  • Creation and maintenance of Data Processing Systems/Applications Requirements (full lifecycle) for Online (Data Acceptance, Product Generation, Encoding and Delivery) and Offline (Analysis and Reporting) systems, and including their Reprocessing equivalents as used for Climate Record generation;
  • Development or maintenance of Data Processing Systems and Applications;
  • Data Processing Systems/Applications interfaces engineering;
  • Generation of prototypes and development plans (and where relevant their implementation);
  • Verification and Validation;
  • Generation, maintenance and evolution of Data Processing Systems/Applications Maintenance Plans;
  • Consolidation and evolution of processes, standards, methodologies, tools, elements, and facilities for data processing of science data for operational and future programmes;
  • Implementation of Data Processing Systems/Applications level maintenance activities;
  • Provision of relevant inputs (in area of responsibility) to the mid-term evolution planning of operational systems and their associated implementation;
  • Climate Data Record generation projects;
  • Automated Software Testing.

The tasks of the person shall day to day operations and maintenance, to the handling of anomalies, upgrades and configuration changes for these facilities. Tasks will also contain the setting-up and implementation of maintenance policies and procedures. For procurements and maintenance services provided externally, the person shall provide support to the management of the technical interface with the external contractors.

Besides the above described routine tasks, the person will also be expected to contribute to requirements specification, design and system engineering/re-engineering, development and testing activities in the field of science data processing that will become necessary for existing and future production systems.

The tasks will include:

  • Maintenance and development of the Data Processing Systems/Application Software (it should be noted that for many of the facilities the first line maintenance is being performed by EUMETSAT - in conjunction with the industrial contractor – the second line maintenance is being performed by the industrial contractor under supervision and with support from EUMETSAT);
  • Procurement activities for maintenance and evolution activities, such as specification and maintenance of requirements for new or enhanced Data Processing Systems/Applications Software components that are going to be implemented by external contractors; monitor their detailed design and implementation; generate the test plans, test specification/procedures, perform the acceptance of the externally developed components, support the integration testing in the ground segment and the operational validation;
  • Contribute to the definition and design of architectures of data processing ground segments and their components, their interfaces, and the validation and verification methods;
  • Coordination/inputs to planning and preparation of releases;
  • Coordination with other EUMETSAT Teams and/or contractor to prepare introduction of new/upgraded components;
  • Generation and maintenance of technical baseline documentation;
  • Contibute to the operations of existing data processing ground segments;
  • Participation in technical meetings and formal reviews;
  • Analysis of the maintenance requirements and identification, procurement or implementation of the tools required to fulfil them;
  • Setting-up and implementation of maintenance policies and procedures;
  • Perform routine tasks in operational systems under configuration control such as:
    • Anomaly investigations, documentation and classification;
    • Participation in relevant Anomaly Review Boards;
    • Follow up of the delivery of S/W resolutions for these anomalies;
    • Contribute to Configuration Management (change control practices);
    • Contribute to building and distribution of application software releases and patches;
    • Verification of correct facility installation for the assigned facilities;
    • Contribute to the development, integration and configuration management of software developed by third parties, its installation, and configuration and testing;
    • Perform S/W testing in a structured approach to verify that delivered S/W is fulfilling the requirements or to demonstrate that problems have been corrected.

Your Profile

The Key Person should possess very good communication, presentation and team working skills and be able to cope with very high workloads.

Moreover the Key Person should possess the following mandatory attitudes and attributes relevant for the development of their tasks:

  • Ability to learn and develop new skills and knowledge. This includes the ability to rapidly absorb, and make use of, information presented in written and oral communications in a dynamic context.
  • Capable and willing to work within a multi-disciplinary context in cooperation with other teams. The ability to maintain a system overview is essential. The Key person shall have a systematic approach to work, be able to plan the work and to cope with tight schedules and multiple tasks. The key person shall have the capability to write accurate and consistent technical documentation.
  • The ability to manage the technical interface with external partners/contractors, based on a solid system engineering understanding.
  • Engineering of large, UNIX or LINUX based, complex, real-time data processing systems, including requirements specification, design, software maintenance or development, formal software testing and system integration.
  • Very good technical writing skills, in particular in the area of formal technical documentation (e.g. requirements specification and design documentation, test plans and procedures, maintenance procedures).
  • Source code control systems (e.g. Subversion, Git).
  • Software anomalies analysis, debugging, profiling, fixing and processing.

Desirable requirements:

  • Operating systems and application software upgrades and/or porting to new platforms;
  • Object-oriented software design, implementation, and maintenance, including the use of UML/SysML based tools for supporting/documenting the design, at least at the architectural level;
  • Web technologies and programming (e.g. Apache, CGI, JavaScript, XML);
  • Programming languages (e.g. C++, Java, Python).

We Offer

With SCISYS you get the chance to take responsibility for your own and varied professional activities, while there is always room for producing new ideas and contributing your personality.

Get to know a corporate culture where team spirit, trust and dedication are the core values

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